Haddenham Ceilidhs & Concerts

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Local facilities and information
Haddenham Village Hall The village's community website, Haddenham.net Snakemoor Local Nature Reserve
Tourist Information (Thame)   Travelodge Thame
From London, Oxford and Birmingham by train Find us using Red Planet Travel From Aylesbury and Oxford by bus
Folk Arts Organisations
English Folk Dance & Song Society Hands On Music Association of Festival Organisers
South East Folk Arts Network (SEFAN)   Aylesbury Vale Arts Council (AVAC)
Other Regular Ceilidhs Nearby
Unicorn Ceilidhs (Baldock)   Oxfolk Ceilidhs (Kennington)
Regular Folk Clubs
Aylesbury Folk Club Herga Folk Club (Pinner) Watford Folk Club
  Oxford Folk Club